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The Laungest Gawacha

It all started after a caller phoned in one morning to request 'Mera Laung Gawacha', on BBC Asian Networks Breakfast show hosted by the talented Harpz Kaur, that Harpz found there were an umpteen number of versions of the classic song! Leading to the hard decision & not being quite so sure which one to play.
She was then inspired to then produce her own spin off version just for fun, which spiralled into having its own official video!
Featuring 19 artists, produced by the BBC, Harpz Kaur and Dipps Bhamrah,This is an ultimate cover of old-skool hit 'Laung Gawacha', featuring Amanjot Sangha, Premi Johal, Roach Killa, Shin DCS, Tasha Tah, Benny Dhaliwal, Jin & Seetal, Jati Cheed, Subaig Kandola, GV, Dalvinder Singh, PBN, Sardara Gill, RaOol, G Sidhu, Preeya Kalidas, Harpz and Dipps! Joined by The Bollywood Co at The Workshop Ldn.
We were super excited to have our signature velvet umbrellas be a part of this fab project, making their very first 'filmi debut'.
Take a look at the song below and see if you can spot our little beauties (hint:1m 54secs in) 🙈😉

She even wore our cute yellow hoop earrings which we have now named after Harpz : Harpreet Hoop Drop Earrings. These beauties are available in a variety of different colours, £8.

Our Signature Umbrellas, £25, are also available to order in a number of colours.

You can tune in to Harpz on BBC Asian Networks Breakfast Show, Mon-Fri 6-10am.

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