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Hey there! Thanks for visiting our dream come true of a site! 
We're finally live! 
Shaadi Superstore has been years in the making, and we are so proud to finally launch our website.
It all started a few years ago when I was planning my wedding and trying to source suppliers for the little nitty gritty products needed for all of my ceremonies. I found that amongst the vast array of wedding venues, caterers, entertainers etc out there, there lacked suppliers that offered trendy yet traditional wedding accessories.
I set up my instagram account, at the time @thebridebible,  to showcase  my wedding planning process, lo and behold after scouring the country for the perfect henna thaals and shaadi ka ghar decor (home decor), I ended up venturing out to the motherland to source exactly what I wanted and have made products I had designed. May I add this was a very brave move, as I took to the adventure alone and furthermore hadn't made a trip 'back home' in over 14 years!
I shared my experience and findings via instagram and began to get messages from brides and followers about all the things I had bought. I noticed a lot of you felt the same about the bleak products available in the few shops the UK had to offer and felt the pain. This is where I thought right, I need to do something about this for my fellow brides to be....and Shaadi Superstore was born.
I wanted to make the process of finding the perfect mendhi plate, favour box or malas much more simplified and easier. Working full time, trying to take days off from work for the umpteen number of events Asian weddings have was difficult enough at the time I was getting married never mind trying to take time out to  travel to Southall, Birmingham or even Bradford to source the wedding accessories I needed and to only then be disappointed on the products on offer. I tried to look for a supplier who I could turn to that offered on trend wedding products in one place that were easy to access. Much to my dismay there was nothing.
So people I decided to sort this out myself for you all and bring you



The online Asian wedding accessories store. 


We've showcased our products at wedding shows  accross the country from the national asian wedding show at Excel & Olympia in London  all the way to the top of the country in Glasgow and everywhere in between.
The love & support we have received from you all has been immense and we'd like to thank you for that.
We're far from where we want to be but with constant asks of when our website will be launching we couldn't delay it any longer. We have an amazing number of projects in the pipeline that we are super excited to share with you! 
Finally I would like to thank everyone that has helped bring the idea of  Shaadi Superstore to life, Thank you to our Friends, Family and Followers for all of the support you have show us!
Until next time,
Sofia, Zayd & Little Boss baby Laila 
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