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10 Wedding Planning Tasks To Do In Lockdown

Not all is lost whilst being in Lockdown!
We've put together a list of 'wedmin' tasks that can still be undertaken whilst in the comfort of your own home.

1. Create a Playlist

Whether you have a big do or a smaller more intimate one, music has a key role in Asian weddings. Rather than rushing last minute to find a random made playlist on Youtube to play at that ladies sangeet, mendhi or wedding reception, why not take the time out now to collate a range of playlists for all your events. You never know you may even stumble across your walk-in or first dance song. 

Take a look at for a list they have put together to help get started.

2. Dance Routines

Following on from our first wedmin task on our list, finalising a medley could also be part of that, leading on to the all important Dances!

Whether its your first dance as a couple or your girl gang takeover on the dance floor theres never enough time to finalise and perfect those all important moves.

We suggest you take a look at the array of material available on YouTube to pick ideas and moves from and put together your own routines. Make a video and send it to your dance buddies to practice from. Go further to arrange FaceTime or Zoom video conference meetings and schedule in Dance practice nights making the most of the technology we have to hand!

3. Exercise those Vocals and Sing from the Same Hymn Sheet! 

Sangeet nights offer so much fun whilst leading up to the main wedding events. What isn't so fun is the Bibi jis and Auntiyan singing boliyan at the top of their voice and cousins and friends sat around looking gaumless at them not knowing what on earth they're singing or what lyric comes next.

Take this time to put together a sangeet sheet with the lyrics of songs that everyone can follow in perfect harmony. You never know your quarantine practising may pay off when it comes to that Mendhi night muqabala against the in laws.

Host a virtual sangeet night to get practising that perfect pitch! 

4. We've All Heard The term time is money! 

Now is the time and its going to help save those pennies. Not only has our spending money in fancy restaurants been halted due to the restrictions in place, but putting that money aside that you'd typically spend on buying that macchiato on your daily work commute you could actually stack up to a substantial amount, enabling you to splurge that little bit more on those beautiful wedding shoes you always wanted! 



5. Get Your Craft On

Grab that glue gun, scissors and glitter shaker. Time is on your side for once, so make the most of it by finishing off those fab Pinterest inspired favours.

Spray paint all those jars you've been collecting for that sensational centrepiece or even create keep sake corsages for your guests. Theres nothing more therapeutic than a little arts and crafts, besides theres just something about the meaningful little details you've personally contributed to that make your big day that extra special.

6. Order Your Wedding Menu To Your Door

With companies such as The Grand in Dewsbury innovating their business by offering a 'Shaadi Khaana' Service  where by you can taste the wedding food in the comfort of your own home. Get your dads approval on the dishes you have chosen and collectively finalise and taste test what your cater has on offer.

My Lahores another UK based caterer is offering 'Iftaari' boxes which again include the majority of staple pieces found on a wedding menu.

Get in touch with your chosen caterer and see if they can offer a take out service and enjoy that tasty take out treat whilst ticking off that wed min task. 

7. Create A Seating Plan

Ok so heres the thing, we all know social distancing is currently taking over which means even after lockdown you may need to reduce numbers however you will still have an idea of the close family and friends that wouldn't miss your big day for the world. 

So grab yourself a piece of paper and a pen along with your list of guests and plan out where you'd like them to sit. Be sure to consider the family politics as well as friend groups. 

Whilst you do this, you could also plan out the layout of your room and where that band or DJ will go or where you'll make that grand entrance from. 

8. Design That Dream Wedding Cake & Taste It

Wedding cakes are major statement pieces in todays wedding. Putting together a well thought out design will always be a winner.

Think carefully of how you want your cake to look and how it will fit into your theme.  If you haven't already booked a cake baker then take this time to look around and see if you can find what you're looking for. Get in touch with the selected bakers and see if you can arrange a video conference with them to discuss your ideas. Choose flavours, themes and number of tiers.

A lot of bakers offer cake tasting sessions with lockdown this is a bit difficult, see if your chosen baker can offer to send out a selection of flavours for you to try.

Treat yourself whilst ticking off another 'To-Do' decision off your list. 

 9. Vows & Speeches

One of the things that lockdown has taught us is to slow down. Taking this time to reflect may help you to write meaningful vows and find those perfect 'pyaar' filled words for your partner.

Scribe thank you speeches for your guests or even create and design thank you messages to form a part of your favours. A well thought out message will mean so much to those in receipt. 


10. Start That Beauty Routine

Be good to yourself and start that skincare routine to perfect those pores and achieve that glow. 

Whether its your Mami Jis homemade haldi and gram flour face mask recipe or investing in some good old cleanser, toner and moisturiser, now is the time to focus on your skin.

Experts also suggest to consider a well balanced diet when trying to improve skin health. A well nourishing diet as well as well as keeping hydrated are the basics of good skin. 

Grab that bottle of Vatika and conditon your scalp and hair to help grow those luscious locks. One of the biggest pluses of lockdown is not bumping into people with your oily hair 😆 so you have no excuses not to oil that mane up.

In these tough times we all need a little TLC so be sure to take a little time our and love yourself. 

We're all in this together so undertaking these fun tasks will sure to help keep that exciting wedding planning momentum going. 





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  • Lovely tips for the brides. Agree with most points especially number 4. I have been discussing the same with hubby.


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