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Asian bridal shoots, home wedding decor and what 2023 has in store.

I was prompted by Mahaim at Hayat Planners to finally get a move on a write a blog post on here.
Hi, it's been a while hasn't it? 
Although it may not seem like it, a lot has been going on behind the scenes. 
I've been up to lots since our last blog post which was in 2020, I know terrible right?
But let me update you, We launched our heirloom collection at the end of 2020 which pays tribute to our ancestral hand me downs, creating beautiful hand made trousseau boxes paying homage to Bibi jis paytees. 
Emerald green brocade hand embellished trousseau box
I've worked on a number of campaigns across the South Asian wedding scene, working alongside the likes of Aisha Naheed, Sajid Hussain Photography, Make up by Malika, Make up by YSR, to name a few. This particular shoot I even sourced a Morris Minor! That was the highlight for me for sure. More on campaigns later.
Our team finally managed to decorate a number of wedding houses and venues and make our Brides and Grooms dream visions come to life. Be sure to follow Event Decor by Sophie on Instagram for our wedding and event decor projects. 
Shaadi Superstore worked with a number of corporates, some which we can name and others were top secret 🤫. We used our decor to for Eid and Diwali events creating a way of recognising diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Our Marigold garlands even made an appearance on tv and in theatre!!!
Deliveroo HQ Diwali marigold set up by Shaadi Superstore
It's safe to say that things have picked back up since the 'Lockdown days'. 
What a surreal time that was for sure.
I've been busier than ever. These past 3 years or so have been full of new experiences, I mean aside from the fact that I am now a mother of 2 beautiful children, Laila 4 and Xavi 16 months old, Shaadi Superstore has definitely been the child that has kept me on my toes the most.
There's so much lined up for 2023/24 and I am really excited to invite you all on this journey with me. 
Anyway, thank you Mahaim for your blog post on Better Habits, here's me taking a little page out of your book and delivering the content that the loyal readers of The Shaadi Superstore Edit deserve. 
My next blog post will be out soon and I will be taking you behind the scenes with me on a recent shoot I did with Farheen from Leeds Henna, which was captured effortlessly by Salman Siddique at The Grand Banqueting Suite in Dewsbury.
I'll speak to you soon,

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